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IT Campus

Innovation and Technology Campus

Bucharest is becoming an important travel hub for the European and International traveler. It rates highly as a fine destination for tourism and special events. Its new array of shopping precincts deliver retail experiences of all styles to an ever more discerning public. Its mouth-watering food scene has a wide range of offerings suiting every pocket, from bustling hawker centers to innovative fine restaurants. It has a range of top class hotels luxury. It should not also be underestimated that in this uncertain world its reputation for hospitality and safety is unmatched. It is evident that Bucharest is much more than shopping and dining. It also has a unique history, with a deep sense of cultural symbolism and heritage. This history is increasingly recognized in the development of its cultural and educational institutions. It has a unique soul but it is also a place of growing creativity and innovation. The Innovation and Technology Campus is a major investment that can assist in realizing this vision. It must assist the city desire to capitalize on its current infrastructure investment to create a platform for the future. Its concept must be driven by and through the community in which it lies. In a global environment in which there is much homogeneity this Centre will distinguish itself as world class.