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Installation Art
Our installation art is situated at the border between art and architecture, part physical experiment - part personal expression, joined together in defining a space. Our works of installation art are maximizing the potential of the given spatial experience in relation to objects and colours, focusing on ever-changing human emotions. Our landscape projects utilize functional and practical spaces integrated in nature. We are concentrating on translating humans' fundamental emotions towards a stronger connection with the ambient, with an emphasis on extending and overlapping the seasons with our planting approach. We've started to explore and implement the principles of biophilia, re-establishing the missing links with our surroundings and re-discovering the simplicity and balance of well-being.
Film Set Design
In 2004 by teaming up with a group of experienced artists, we've created set designs for award winning films, “Les Rois Maudits ( The Cursed Kings ) directed by Josee Dayan with Gerard Depardieu, produced by France 2TV and the 2005 production of ”The Cave" by Bruce Hunt, with sets created under the umbrella of Castel Film Romania.
Visual Art
Raluca Gavrilescu (b.1975 - Ungureanu) is a Multimedia Artist and Interior Designer. Following completion of PhD studies in Visual Arts, Raluca deepened her mastering of shape and colour, her interest in experimenting various techniques to the avant-garde of the artistic expression. She also completed her studies in Landscape Architecture, delivering successful projects and masterplans. Raluca is the recipient of a number of important fellowships: The Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes de Lisbon (Portugal), Research at The Royal Danish, Copenhagen (Denmark) and Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Wien, Vienna (Austria), extension fellowship in Berlin, 1st place at the Young Artist Award UAPR. Raluca is currently investigating various new themes within the wider topic of personal identity:  existentialism, dichotomy and clashes amongst multiple identities, borders, limits, displacement, memory and reality.